Mission & Vision

Making the future of
humankind overwhelmingly exciting
Embedding AI
in everything

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Araya Inc.
Established in
December, 2013
Headquarters location
ARK Mori Building, 24F. 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
107-6024, JAPAN
Business Area
  • AI algorithm and product development (Deep Learning, Edge AI, and Autonomous AI businesses)
Fiscal year-end
Number of employees
41 (As of September, 2019)

Board Members

  • Ryota KANAI (Founder & CEO)
    Ryota KANAI (Founder & CEO)

    Ryota is the founder & CEO of Araya Inc. He is well-known as one of the world-leading researchers in structural and functional neuroimage analysis. After graduating from Department of Biophysics, Kyoto University, Ryota earned his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands). He worked as a postdoc in Caltech (with Prof. Shin Shimojo), University College London (with Prof. Vincent Walsh and Prof. Geraint Rees), and started his laboratory in University of Sussex.

  • Toru KONISHI (Director)
    Toru KONISHI (Director)

    Toru co-founded PROGRESS TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. After working in a back-office at a major company, he launched the company with several members in 2005 and contributed to growing it into a big tech company with several billion yen annual sales. He’s initiating various projects by utilizing multiple learnings experienced in the process of business startup. In addition to an Araya director, he also works as an advisor to Creww, a startup community.

  • Wataru MATSUMOTO(Senior Managing Director)
    Wataru MATSUMOTO
    (Senior Managing Director)

    Wataru obtained a doctorate of Engineering from the University of Tokyo engaging in the study of information theory and coding theory. After developing computer and communications equipment in a major manufacturing company, he worked on communication methods and error correcting codes for ADSL, 3GPP, and WiMAX standardization at its R&D center.

  • Naoki KAMIMAEDA(Outside Director)
    (Outside Director)

    Naoki is responsible for AI, Big Data, and Cloud Tech areas at Global Brain Corporation, as well as an outside director at Araya. Prior to joining GB, he worked for Sony as a software engineer specialized in AI and Big Data technologies. For the last two years in his Sony career, he worked in San Francisco as a software engineering manager of the PlayStation Network.