Features of Araya

Our origin

Ryota KANAI, the CEO, started the business of brain research and brain image analysis.

  • Graduated from Kyoto University. Obtained Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Utrecht University in the Netherlands
  • Engaged in research on visual experience and time sensation under Prof. Shinsuke SHIMOJO at California Institute of Technology
  • Former Associate Professor (Cognitive Neuroscience) at Sussex University (U.K.)
  • Leading the world in the analysis of brain structure images
  • Established Araya Inc. in 2013

Our picture of the future of AI

The Edge AI technology enables AI to move on any device, and the Autonomous AI is being developed to allow drones and robots to drive autonomously.
Furthermore, we are conducting research and development in anticipation of an era when robots have Artificial Consciousness and begin high-level interactions with humans.

  • In 2018AI runs
    on the cloud
    Deep Learning
    Deep Learning

  • In 2019-2023AI moves
    on everything
    Edge AI
    Edge AI

  • In 2024-2029AI moves autonomously to execute
    more advanced tasks
    Autonomous AI
    Autonomous AI
  • After 2030Androids and humans
    begin to have advanced interactions
    Artificial Consciousness
    Artificial Consciousness

A professional team

We are a highly skilled professional team with various Ph.D., MSc, MEng, and MBA holders.
We can also propose optimal AI solutions that meet your needs since many specialists are from major manufacturers.

Our Services

We propose a higher-grade solution that meets your needs with cutting-edge AI technologies.