May 31, 2023 Notice.


Araya(Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryota Kanai; hereinafter " Araya"), an artificial intelligence (AI) technology development and solution provider, has updated its "InspectAI " software package for visual inspection and started offering software that can detect gray, brown, and blond hair as well as black hair in food products. The new software is capable of detecting gray, brown, and blonde hair as well as black hair. Plastic fragments can now also be detected with less preparation.

In addition to conventional black hair, white, brown, and blonde hair can also be detected.
 Furthermore, hair color can be detected even on food of the same color, such as "white hair on white rice.

InspectAI is being introduced as a visual inspection AI software that can handle "hair contamination," which was difficult to detect with conventional inspection machines in the food manufacturing field. Until now, only black hair was supported. On the other hand, a wide range of people work in food factories, and it was hoped that the software would be able to handle various hair colors.
With this update, the hair inspection can now handle gray, brown, and blonde hair in addition to the conventional black hair.
In addition, the AI's detection capability has been enhanced through proprietary technology, making it possible to detect hair on similarly colored foods, for example, "black hair on seaweed," "white hair on white rice," and "brown or blonde hair on fried food.

These inspections can be accomplished with a small amount of pre-learning work (with little preparation) for each product. This allows for quick implementation in a short period of time. For example, this allows for flexible response to multiple products on the same production line, or to new products or changes in content.

■Plastic pieces commonly used in food production can now be detected with less preparation

Similar to hair, blue and green plastic pieces from gloves and packaging are the most common foreign substances that can be mixed into food products. InspectAI" has been able to detect plastic fragments for a long time, but until now, it took time for the AI to be trained on a product-by-product basis, which required time for prior verification and implementation.
With this update, inspections can be realized with a small amount of pre-learning work (with little preparation) for each product. This has made it possible to introduce the system in a short period of time.


We will exhibit a demo for detecting hair in various foods at FOOMA JAPAN 2023, an exhibition for food machinery, equipment, and technology.
Outline of the exhibition
Duration: June 6 (Tuesday) to 9 (Friday), 2023 (4 days)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall (Booth 7B-22)
URL: https:

InspectAI Product overview

Product name: InspectAI (read: InspectAI)
Service website:
Features in food appearance inspection: InspectAI can detect even "hair," which has been difficult to detect in the past; in addition to hair detection, it can also inspect "plastic pieces and foreign matter," "chips, cracks, and shape defects," and "burns and excess or shortage of ingredients" at the same time.


For more information about InspectAI, the visual inspection AI software from Araya, please refer to this page.
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