June 30, 2023 Notice

Released "NeumaticAI" that drastically reduces the time required for fluid simulation of automobiles and other vehicles -Hybrid technology of CFD and AI achieves high reliability and high speed

June 30, 2023
Corporation Araya

Araya(Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryota Kanai; hereinafter " Araya"), a company that develops artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and provides solutions, offers "NeumaticAI," which is both reliable and fast for fluid dynamics simulations (CFD), which are becoming increasingly important to improve automobile fuel efficiency and other requirements. NeumaticAI" is a new software package that combines reliability and high speed in fluid dynamics simulation (CFD). NeumaticAI" is a hybrid technology of conventional fluid simulation technology and recently developed AI.


URL: https: www.araya.org/service/neumaticai/


Fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) is used in the design of automobile bodies to improve fuel efficiency and other applications, but there is a problem that the analysis requires a lot of computation time. To solve this problem, solutions have been offered in recent years that reduce calculation time by replacing CFD with AI, but these solutions require large amounts of data and the AI is a black box, so there are reliability issues as well. We offer NeumaticAI, a hybrid technology of CFD and AI, which aims to enable experienced CFD users to perform analysis in a shorter time and with higher reliability.

What is NeumaticAI?

NeumaticAI is a hybrid technology that combines conventional CFD and AI to provide a fluid analysis solution that is both significantly faster and more reliable. Neumatic" is a word coined by combining "pneumatic," meaning "gas," and "neuro," the key word of Araya.


In response to the problem of time-consuming fluid dynamics simulations (CFD), AI-based fluid dynamics solutions that have begun to be offered in recent years replace all CFD with AI, which requires a large amount of training data and is unreliable.
NeumaticAI, on the other hand, uses AI to upgrade only a portion of the CFD, thus achieving high speed and high reliability. In addition, since the AI is limited to a limited part of the CFD, high generalizability can be expected with a small amount of training data.


2. fast analysis and high generalizability significantly reduce overall time required

The fast analysis and high generalizability that NeumaticAI provides can significantly reduce overall design time, including data preparation and AI training time.


3. technology backed by highly specialized development experience

Arayahas supported several manufacturers in the automotive industry in their use of AI in fluid dynamics simulation (CFD). We have supported the following three areas, aiming to shorten the design study time. NeumaticAI was developed based on these experiences.

1. direct prediction of performance values (AI replaces the entire analysis process. Prediction of performance values for geometry parameters and flow conditions)
2. speeding up CFD (AI replaces analysis of time evolution of CFD flow field)
3. efficiency of design exploration (AI analyzes and streamlines design changes/exploration from aerodynamic performance)

NeumaticAI "Contract Analysis Service" Low Price Offer Campaign

Scheduled to be available: September 2023
Price/Delivery date: 200,000 yen (excluding tax)/one month or more
Offerings: Analysis result report

Users of this campaign can try NeumaticAI free of charge for a certain period of time. (Please contact us for more details about this campaign.)

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URL: https: www.araya.org/contact_neumaticai/

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URL: https: www.araya.org/download_neumaticai/


Period:July 5 (Wed.) - 7 (Fri.), 2023
Location: Aichi Sky Expo
EXHIBITION URL:: https://aee.expo-info.jsae.or.jp/ja/nagoya
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Online exhibition (scheduled to open on June 28):. https://aee.online.jsae.or.jp/ja/exhibition/detail.html?id=266

Company Profile

Company name: ARAYA Inc.
Representative: CEORyota Kanai
Established: December 2013
Location: 6F Sanpo Sakuma Building, 1-11 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
URL: https: //www.araya.org/
Business: Deep Learning, Edge AI, Autonomous AI, Neurotech, Contract Research


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