December 19, 2023 Notices

ExpAInter, an AI camera application that can process photos into the artist's painting style, will be available only in December. Developed with painter Mr. Sanada.

 Visionary Lab, an in-house lab of Araya(located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryota Kanai, hereinafter " Araya"), a company that researches, develops, and provides solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) and neurotechnology, has developed an AI camera application "ExpAInter" that processes photos taken with AI that has learned the style of artist Shotaro Sanada's art. ExpAInter", an AI camera application that processes captured photos with AI that learns the artist Shoutarou Sanada's painting style, and has made it available to the public for a limited time only through December 2023.
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■Background of ExpAInter Development

 Visionary Lab is pursuing a new form of creation through a collaboration between the painter Shoutarou Sanada and an AI that has studied his work. Recently, AI that can instantly generate a painting that could be mistaken for one drawn by a human being has been appearing one after another. The debate continues as to whether AI, which instantly produces output based on past data, will completely replace the creative process. We believe that creativity lies not only in what is created but also in the process of creation, and have developed ExpAInter, a tool to revolutionize the creative process using generative AI. In order to allow more people to experience it, we have reworked part of it in the form of a camera app and released it to the public for the month of December only.
The ExpAInter application is a tool that draws any part of a photo taken in Sanada's style. Specific parts of the photo are identified by image recognition and then colored by the learning model. You can easily feel the co-creation between the generative AI and the artist, providing a new creative experience. With a single tap on the screen, you can enjoy the process of transforming a photo taken with your smartphone into a "work of art" that reflects Mr. Sanada's style.

Operation Flow

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Shotaro Sanada, Painter

Born in 2000 in Shinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Currently a fourth-year student in the Department of Aesthetics, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. While creating large paintings of extremely abstract landscapes, he also conducts research on aesthetics through the creation of paintings using artificial intelligence. Selected for the Terada Warehouse WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION, and many other awards and selections. He is also the chairman of the Geisai 2021 Executive Committee. He is the first artist of the "Google Japan x Generation Z Artists" project, and was nominated by East Japan Railway Company to create a large 10-meter wall painting for a semi-permanent permanent installation at JR Nagano Station.

What is Visionary Lab?

 Visionary Lab is an organization that uses the latest technologies, including those in the process of research and development, to experience a slice of everyday life that could be realized in the future. The Visionary Lab is an organization that creates experiences of everyday life that could be realized in the future, using the latest technologies, including those in the process of research and development. We will deliver new experiences to as many people as possible as events and products, collaborating with researchers, engineers, artists, companies, and various other people.

■Call for Collaboration Partners

 Visionary Lab is looking for collaboration partners who are interested in collaborating or conducting joint research to create or deliver new experiences using AI and neurotechnology. If you are interested, please contact us.
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Established: December 2013
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Business: Deep learning, Edge AI, Autonomous AI, Neurotech, Contract research
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