2021.04.12 Notice

Starting a new research project funded by a GoodAI grant

Araya's research team will work on creating a new framework for multi-agent AI systems, funded by GoodAI, an international Czech research and development company.

Current artificial intelligence is limited in its scope and is far from human-level intelligence. One of the key components missing is learning to pursue multiple goals, ones that are dynamic, changing, and that depend on knowledge acquired from previous tasks.

The grant is part of GoodAI Grants, which has awarded over $600,000 to date to support research groups around the world that are solving problems related to GoodAI's Badger architecture. Each grant, along with the work of the GoodAI research team, contributes to basic AI research with the vision of closing the gap in the overall roadmap to advanced, increasingly human-like AI.

Overview of the research we are working on
The work, which will be led by Research Scientist Dr. Martin Biehl will produce a new framework for multi-agent AI systems that aims to advance the field of multi-agent learning and inform the development of GoodAI’s own artificial intelligence framework, Badger architecture. It will do so by both increasing our understanding of existing algorithms and how they can be applied and by the development of novel methods.

The project led by Dr. Martin Biehl will focus on four areas where current artificial intelligence methods fall short:
1. The ability to have multiple, often competing goals
2. Coordination and communication from an information-theoretic perspective
3. Dynamic scalability of multi-agent systems
4. Dynamically changing goals that depend on knowledge acquired through observations

Dr. Biehl said: “Using modern mathematical methods we will investigate ways in which multiple agents with multiple goals interact when trying to achieve those goals. This includes all forms of communication, competition, cooperation, and coordination.

Our insights will help in designing multi-agent systems like the inner loop of the Badger architecture which involves setting up these features so that they result in a capable system as a whole. More generally, our research will result in a better understanding of when and how multiple agents form a group that can again be seen as an agent with a goal. Together with my collaborators Nathaniel Virgo from the Earth-Life Science Institute at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Acer Chang from Araya we are looking forward to working on this exciting project.”

Marek Rosa CEO and CTO of GoodAI said: “I am very happy to award this grant to the team at Araya, we have been collaborating in the past for example on our General AI Challenge and see that their work is extremely related to our Badger architecture and will help us understand the math behind it better. I look forward to progressing this project which continues to push the boundaries of modern technology.”

About GoodAI
GoodAI is a Prague-based research and development organization with the goal of developing general-purpose artificial intelligence to help humanity and understand the universe as quickly as possible. engineers and consultants working in various departments.

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