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ArayaThe four services of


Data Analysis Support

Have you ever been at a loss about how to analyze data after acquiring EEG, MRI, PET, or other data? Araya has experts specializing in each type of brain data. We select the appropriate methods according to your hypotheses and analysis objectives and perform the analysis for you. Feel free to entrust us with AI-based analysis or analysis based on the latest papers.

Recommended for companies and research institutes that:
  • Don't know which data analysis method is the right choice in the first place
  • Don't have personnel capable of performing the desired data analysis
  • Can't afford the time or financial resources to set up a data analysis environment

Contract Analysis

  • General neuroscience data (EEG/MRI/MEG/PET/etc.)
  • Physiological data (pulse wave, skin potential, etc.)
  • ● Motion data (line of sight/motion capture/etc.)
Contract Analysis

Analysis Automation

  • Custom implementation of analyses published in the latest papers is also possible.
Analysis Automation


Experimental Design

The first hurdle in starting neuroscience research or product development is experimental design. We select and explain the papers to be referred to, the number of subjects, measurement methods, etc., to obtain the desired results, supporting the smooth start of your research/product development.

Recommended for companies and research institutes that:
  • -Want to conduct experiments based on potentially relevant papers but can't judge if it's appropriate.
  • -Don't understand because specific procedures are not described in the papers.
  • -Don't have time to study programming from scratch to create cognitive tasks

Task Program Creation Service

  • -Support for experimental design aligned with your objectives
  • -Literature survey of prior research and latest trends in the target field
  • -Support for application to external ethics review committees
Task Program Creation Service

Task Program Creation Service

We will create an experiment-ready program that includes synchronization with measurement equipment (EEG, MRI, eye tracking).

Task Program Creation Service


data acquisition

An important point that is often overlooked when conducting research is "to properly acquire data with low noise suitable for analysis.
Professional acquisition of biological data, including cranial nerve data, will facilitate research and development.
If you would like to have your own data acquisition skills, you can take a training course to learn basic data acquisition techniques.

Recommended for companies and research institutes that:
  • -Don't know if the operation of equipment or measurement methods are correct
  • -Don't have personnel with specialized knowledge such as empirical rules and know-how
  • The cost of preparing measurement equipment is too high to begin the study.

Data Acquisition Substitution and Support

  • Our experienced researchers provide on-site support for data acquisition
  • -Provision of measurement equipment and introduction of measurement facilities
Data Acquisition Substitution and Support

Measurement Training

  • Hybrid of lecture and hands-on format
  • Flexible course offerings to meet your company's needs
Measurement Training
Full line of measurement equipment + data acquisition support system

Try out EEG meters with many to few channels, depending on the usage scenario and purpose.











Sampling rate /
EEG Resolutions





Electrode type

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Polymer Sensors)

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Partnership with an MRI facility has begun. It's now easier to conduct MRI-based experiments without entering into a joint research agreement.

Partnership with an MRI facility has begun.


AI Algorithm Development
Implementation Support

When data acquisition and analysis reveal the feasibility of practical application, you reach the stage of development aiming for implementation. When you want to develop products using algorithms that utilize biosensing, Araya's researchers select appropriate AI models and create algorithms that can be installed on various machines and software. In addition, since we have a medical device program manufacturing business, we can also implement the created algorithms as a medical device program. Please consult with us about the development of medical device programs and neurotech solutions (such as BMI) that make use of your seeds.

Recommended for companies and research institutes that:
  • Want to develop products using AI and machine learning but have no experience
  • Don't have the know-how to combine brain data and physiological data with machine learning

Digital Biomarker Discovery
Medical Device Program Development Support

  • ●Feature extraction from various data and development of prediction algorithms
  • ●Manufacturing of programs premised on medical device applications

Edge implementation and optimization

  • Machine learning models, which tend to be huge, can be made into products by reducing their weight for the devices in which they are used.
Data Acquisition Substitution and Support
Plan Introduction


Spot Consulting

Contract Research


Our neuroscientists support you on a theme-free basis from 10 hours per month

Araya researchers will promote your research themes as if they were members of your company. 

Expected Usage Scenarios

- Want to pass the ringi (approval) for a theme - Don't know what can be done, making it difficult to write a proposal document - Want to understand the industry first, but don't know how to research or where to focus - Have personnel but don't know how to proceed due to lack of skills

- Want to understand the industry but don't have time for detailed research - Don't have in-house theme professionals, so progress is slow - Want to develop efficiently with the analytical skills of professionals


Case Studies


Measured brain activity of drivers for accident prevention technology, announced the effectiveness of an interface that supports cognitive processing while driving

We summarized a series of results, including the identification of regions involved in safe driving from brain activity during driving, and a demonstration experiment of a system developed based on that knowledge to complement and support the driver's cognitive processing. We presented these results at the 27th ESV International Conference (ESV2023).


Began business alliance for providing research support services utilizing MRI

By combining Araya's brain image analysis and AI technology with the clinical trial resources of the MRI center (UNB Sumiyoshijinja-mae Clinic) of the Japan Neuroscience Neuroimaging Center, we will lower the hurdle for MRI experiments, which have been highly specialized and difficult to conduct, and provide smooth research support.


Completed registration as a medical device program manufacturer

With the aim of expanding our business in the medical field by leveraging our brain image analysis and software development capabilities since our founding, we registered as a medical device manufacturer (Registration No. 13BZ201806) on December 12, 2023.

Application Examples

Tose, K., Takamura, T., Isobe, M. et al.
Systematic reduction of gray matter volume in anorexia nervosa, but relative enlargement with clinical symptoms in the prefrontal and posterior insular cortices: a multicenter neuroimaging study.
Mol Psychiatry (2024).
Sugawara A, Terasawa Y, Katsunuma R, Sekiguchi A (2020) Effects of interoceptive training on decision making, anxiety, and somatic symptoms. Biopsychosoc Med 14:7
Orihashi R, Mizoguchi Y, Imamura Y, Yamada S, Ueno T, Monji A (2020) Oxytocin and elderly MRI-based hippocampus and amygdala volume: a 7-year follow-up Brain Commun 2:fcaa081.
Hagiwara A, Hori M, Kamagata K, Warntjes M, Matsuyoshi D, Nakazawa M, Ueda R, Andica C, Koshino S, Maekawa T, Irie R, Takamura T, Kumamaru K, Abe O, Aoki S ( 2018) Myelin measurement: comparison between simultaneous tissue relaxometry, magnetization transfer saturation index, and T1w/T2w ratio methods. Sci Rep 8: 10554.
Hagiwara A, Hori M, Yokoyama K, Nakazawa M, Ueda R, Horita M, Andica C, Abe O, Aoki S (2017) Analysis of white matter damage in patients with multiple sclerosis via a novel in vivo MR method for measuring myelin, axons, and G-Ratio. aJNR Am J Neuroradiol 38:1934-1940.

Araya has a wealth of support experience, including partnerships with manufacturers, IT companies, and trading companies.


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