ARAYA’s Neurotech aims to transform our society
into a better place through the
synergy between Neuroscience and AI technologies.

ARAYA's NeuroTech (BrainTech) section is developing technologies that utilize AI to analyze brain activity and other information like facial video images to estimate the state of a person or decipher their intentions. This is expected to expand the capabilities of we human beings and bring about comfortable activities/work experiences, thereby dramatically improving human productivity and happiness.
We currently offer the following three services.

Service 1. Brain-sensing solutions

With the brain sensing solutions of Araya, we aim to create a dramatically more convenient and safer world by sensing the state and information of the brain. We are developing the following systems

(1) Face2Brain: A system for human state estimation from video images

Estimatesbrain waves from images of facial expressions, gaze, pupils, etc., and estimates the state of a person, such as sleepiness and fatigue.
Patent pending. Face2Brain is a registered trademark of Araya(registration number: No. 6647778).

We provide finer detection of state transitions by utilizing objective/continuous brain wave data rather than depending on some subjective/discrete annotations like “drowsy/not drowsy”.

Demo: The algorithm for predicting brain waves from facial videos (Face2Brain)

Our neural network-based algorithm which estimates brain waves (in this demonstration, delta wave) from facial videos has various applications as a video-based drowsiness/fatigue monitor. It can also be applied to predict brain waves in other frequency bands.

Here, we observe a strong correlation between the estimated power of the delta wave (orange line) and the true delta wave power measured by electroencephalograph (blue line).

(2) Brain Performance Indicator: A system for estimating a person's state and performance from brain waves

Wearable electroencephalographs are used to measure a person's state and performance, such as concentration, from specific brainwave patterns.
* Patent applied for

Service 2. Development support for Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI)

BMI is a technology that deciphers our intention from brain activities so that we can control external devices (PCs, smartphones, robotic arms, etc.) by our thought.
We aim to develop a versatile BMI system by combining wearable EEG devices and AI technologies. We expect that our BMI system can be integrated with eye-gaze measurement or AI-based image recognition techniques to achieve hands-free information search and command execution in a real-life XR environment.

Demo: Controlling a game character by brain activity (EEG)

Here, when the player focuses on a periodically changing visual pattern on the screen, his brain waves show a specific pattern, which is detected by our algorithm and used as an input to the game.

When the player focuses on the visual pattern on the right side of the screen, the game character (a cart) turns to the right, and when the player focuses on the left side visual pattern, the cart turns to the left. Only for the demonstration purpose, the red arrow that indicates the player’s intended direction is shown on the screen.

ARAYA is also conducting academic research on BMI. Our CEO, Ryota Kanai, is a project manager of the project “Liberation from Biological Limitations via Physical, Cognitive and Perceptual Augmentation” under Goal 1 of the Moonshot Research and Development Program launched by Japan’s Cabinet Office. This project aims to develop cybernetic avatars that can be controlled via intention which is estimated by AI-assisted BMI.

Service 3. Other solutions

(1) Support for neuromarketing

By analyzing brain imaging data including fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and EEG, we provide neuroscientific solutions to measure consumers’ product preferences. We also support research planning for assessing how our customers’ products/services affect consumers’ brain responses.

(2) Brain and neuroscience data analysis and consulting

We provide an automatic analysis environment for MRI and EEG data and analysis service using AI and machine learning.
We also provide R&D support and consulting service for neuroscience research in the companies and research institutes.

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Use cases in various industries and our daily life


-Sleepiness detection
-Safety analysis of driving behavior
-Handsfree operation (e.g. automotive navigation system)


-Attention/stress management
-Recommendation of taking breaks and sleep

Construction Industry

-Sleepiness detection
-Intuitive control of construction machinery

Music and Game

-Hands-free control
-Brand new game experience

Smart City

-Assessing the level of happiness among residents
-Remote experience events


-Prediction of individual characteristics from brain data
-Hands-free control (endoscopy, operation, etc.)

Our strencth in Neurotech
    1. High R&D capabilities

    -World-leading neuroscientists working in our company
    -Our CEO, Ryota Kanai, being a project manager of a project under Goal 1 of the Moonshot Research and Development Program launched by Japan’s Cabinet Office (We are the only start-up adopted for this program)
    -Highly capable of handling difficult requirements from customers

    2. Proprietary Algorithms

    -Developing algorithms that estimate brain waves from facial videos (without using EEG sensors)
    -Developing algorithms that estimate brain performance from EEG signals with high precision

    3. Extensive experiences in implementing AI

    -Proven track record of implementing AI in a variety of settings