About Work

AI Engineers

Through AI technology, we will provide contract development and new product / service development for clients' management issues and business issues. We also conduct research and development of advanced AI technology. Together with other engineers and researchers with high technical skills and expertise, while leading the project, he himself will play an active role as a player and lead the project to completion.

Business Positions

We will work together to create a project by grasping the management issues, business issues and needs of our clients.
Together with engineers with high technical capabilities and expertise, we are involved in work (contract development) to solve individual problems of clients, as well as product planning and partner strategies to have a greater impact on society.

Training Program

On-The-Job Training
Study group
(circular lecture)
Study Group
(Consciousness Club)

Welfare programme

  • Flextime system

    Flextime system

  • Remotework


  • Childbirth and childcare leave system

    Childbirth and childcare leave system

  • Social gathering

    Social gathering

  • Welcome lunch

    Welcome lunch

  • Medical examination

    Medical examination

  • Special leave for weddings and funerals

    Special leave for weddings and funerals

Working environment

Open office in Roppongi
Full spec PC (Mac/Win selectable)
Business plan proposal system
In-house system proposal
We also provide the best environment mainly for engineers:
  • 4K monitor
  • GPU-equipped workstation
  • Various cloud services
  • The latest technical book set