ARAYA Research DX, a research support solution.
Combining Araya's knowledge of AI, programming,and brain/neural/cognitive science, we will support your research.

Points How to accelerate your research

If you takes time to acquire analytical skills, you could ask for professional support
Lighten the time and effort for observation and analysis
Accelerate the progress of your research by collaborating

ARAYA Research DX

Analysis and Collaboration Support Solutions in Research.
1. Cognitive Neuroscientist Team (Ph.D. holders)
2. Data/Software/Hardware Engineer Team

The two expert teams support you so that you can focus on your research without worrying about software engineering.

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Code/ Experimental System Construction
We create custom analysis code and software specifically designed to handle the collected data. Outsourcing time-intensive analytical tasks can significantly alleviate the workload of researchers.
Analysis of Neural/Behavioral Data
Analyze a large variety of complex data with us. We can verify data without spending time on quality checks, noise removal, and other pre-processing. We can also provide advice on acquisition data tailored to your experiments.
Analysis Pipeline Construction
We conduct software automation for analysis that eliminates the need to manually construct analysis code after data collection, enabling flexible and convenient workflows.
Industry-Academia Collaboration
We will work together to apply for grants that involve industry-academia collaboration and software development components.

Case Support Achievements

Honda R&D Co.
Neurological Analysis
Dentsu Research Institute Inc.
Creation of a program for automatic extraction of mouse behavior
Assistance in creating cognitive assignments
AI development support for AGI
Mr. Terumo

Brain image analysis, creation of analysis software, animal behavior analysis, research papers, etc,
For more information, please contact us.

Published Projects

Hagiwara A, Hori M, Kamagata K, Warntjes M, Matsuyoshi D, Nakazawa M, Ueda R, Andica C, Koshino S, Maekawa T, Irie R, Takamura T, Kumamaru K, Abe O, Aoki S ( 2018) Myelin measurement: comparison between simultaneous tissue relaxometry, magnetization transfer saturation index, and T1w/T2w ratio methods. Sci Rep 8: 10554.
Available from:
Hagiwara A, Hori M, Yokoyama K, Nakazawa M, Ueda R, Horita M, Andica C, Abe O, Aoki S (2017) Analysis of white matter damage in patients with multiple sclerosis via a novel in vivo MR method for measuring myelin, axons, and G-Ratio. aJNR Am J Neuroradiol 38:1934-1940.
Orihashi R, Mizoguchi Y, Imamura Y, Yamada S, Ueno T, Monji A (2020) Oxytocin and elderly MRI-based hippocampus and amygdala volume: a 7-year follow-up Brain Commun 2:fcaa081.
Sugawara A, Terasawa Y, Katsunuma R, Sekiguchi A (2020) Effects of interoceptive training on decision making, anxiety, and somatic symptoms. Biopsychosoc Med 14:7
Tose, K., Takamura, T., Isobe, M. et al.
Systematic reduction of gray matter volume in anorexia nervosa, but relative enlargement with clinical symptoms in the prefrontal and posterior insular cortices: a multicenter neuroimaging study.
Mol Psychiatry (2024).