We support R&D and product development by utilizing our high technology

Advanced AI Research Support

Utilizing Araya's high technological capabilities such as deep learning, autonomous AI, and neuroscience, we support various research and product development related to AI.

Achievement Example
Communications Industry Human detection and semantic domain segmentation model from Full HD images captured from a drone flying at 30-40m altitude, compressed and implemented on Jetson TX2, FPGA, etc. with a common base net.
Automotive Industry Implemented a model on Raspberry Pi 4 + Edge TPU that detects a person up to 20 m away and projects it on the world coordinate system to estimate the position.
Research and development to improve the accuracy of the object detection model after compression by distillation.
Developed a model that divides the drive recorder video into more than 15 classes of semantic areas such as automobiles, pedestrians, and signals.
Development of an algorithm that detects obstacles with innumerable patterns from in-vehicle camera images without a correct label.
Driver behavior estimation algorithm in the car. Classify behaviors such as eating and drinking and talking by combining with posture estimation.
Plant Industry Labor saving of indoor inspection by autonomous drone.
Game Industry Automation of replay / debugging with reinforcement learning

Edge AI Consulting

We will propose the model selection, compression method and appropriate hardware combination according to your accuracy and speed requirements.
We also undertake the actual model training, compression, and hardware implementation work.

For customers who want to leave everything to us

1. Total Solution Service

Based on Araya's knowledge, we will develop edge AI that can achieve the customer's purpose by rotating high-speed iteration by trying compression methods, optimizations, and devices that seem to be effective.
Also, if necessary, it is possible to enter from the requirement definition and carry out.
We will take care of everything.
For customers who want to entrust part of the development process

2. Individual Consulting Service

We provide the following three services corresponding to each phase of the development process.

Requirement Definition Support Service

We will assist you in defining requirements from multiple perspectives for your purposes.

Edge Implementation and Optimization Services

Convert the deep learning model to a model suitable for the edge environment you want to mount, and evaluate the speed using a real device.

Model Miniaturization Service

After looking at the model, input / output data, learning code, etc., we will propose a method for making the model smaller. We can also implement it upon request.