15.03.2022. Notice.

ARAYA and VIE STYLE will Start Joint Research and Development for the Social Implementation of BMI.


ARAYA Inc.(CEO: Ryota Kanai) and VIE STYLE Inc. (CEO: Yasuhiko Imamura) are pleased to announce that they have started joint research and development to realise a practical BMI (brain-machine interface) using an earphone-type EEG monitor.
The joint research and development will combine Araya's neuroscience and AI capabilities and VIE STYLE's earpiece EEG and analysis technologies to develop innovative technologies that are not yet available in the world.




Recently, there has been a growing interest in BrainTech/NeuroTech, technologies that utilise neuroscience findings to realise brain sensing and brain-machine interfaces (BMI). On the other hand, there are challenges to social implementation, such as the need for large devices to extract high-quality information from the brain.
By combining the technologies of VIE STYLE, a developer of earphone-type electroencephalographs, and Araya, a company with strengths in neurotech/AI algorithm development, we believe that new developments will be possible.

[Objective of this joint research and development]

The joint Research will utilise AI-based brain data analysis algolithms from ARAYA and VIE STYLE'S VIE ZONE earphone electroncephalograph. The aim is to accerate social implementation by developing practical use cases not only for consumers but also for industry, incluting office workers and manufactiring/constraction sites.

[Araya Inc.]

ARAYA is a company that "makes the future of mankind overwhelmingly interesting!" As its mission, and has been promoting the neurotech business since its founding in 2013. In recent years, Ryota Kanai, ARAYA CEO, has focused on research and development of brain-machine interfaces and neurotech solutions, including being selected by the cabinet office for its 'MOONSHOT PROGRAMME 1. REALISING A SOCIETY WHERE PEOPLE ARE FREE FROM THE CONSTRAINTS OF BODY, BRAIN, SPACE AND TIME BY 2050'. The company also has strengths and extensive experience in AI technologies, including 'image recognition AI' using deep learning, 'Edge AI' using model lightweight technology, and 'autonomous AI' for autonomous control of drones and construction machinery.

Location: 24F Ark Mori Building, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryota Kanai
Established: 12/2013
Business activities: algorithm and product development for AI/neurotech (image AI, edge AI, autonomous AI ,and neurotech businesses)
Website: https://www.araya.org/


VIE STYLE contributes to well-being by creating products that use neurotechnology and music to update people's senses and support people around the world to lead sensory-rich lives under the mission 'Feel the life'. We will also contribute to the development of future medical ICT and digital therapeutics related to the cranial nerves.

Location: 5-15-12 Zaimokuza, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Yasuhiko Imamura
Established: Aug 2013
Associated company: VIE STYLE, INC. (US incorporated)
Website :https://www.viestyle.co.jp/


Araya Inc.
Contact form: https://www.araya.org/contact/

Email: info@vie.style