2024.03.07 Notification.

Apr. 11, 2012 Announcement of Online Seminar Presentation for Construction Industry Practical Web Course Spring 2024

Our company's Sakaguchi will be a speaker at the "Construction Industry Practical Web Course 2024 Spring" hosted by Otsuka Shokai to be held April 10-12.

Construction AI Frontline -Technology Behind Japan Construction

■Construction Industry Practical Web Course Spring 2024
Dates : April 10 (Wed), 11 (Thu), 12 (Fri), 2024
Format : Online (Zoom)
Sponsor : Otsuka Shokai Co.


■Lecture Information
Date : April 11, 2024 (Thursday) 10:30~11:00
Title : Construction AI Frontline -Technology behind Japan Construction
Speaker : Shigeru Sakaguchi, Sales Manager, Business Promotion Department, ArayaInc.
Brief Abstract of Lecture: Keywords such as construction AI and digital twin are attracting attention, and many companies are working on the development of cutting-edge technologies. Among them, Araya(hereafter Araya) is providing technical cooperation to several companies. Araya() has a wide range of technologies, including simulators, point cloud data, and automation of heavy machinery, with AI technology at its core. In this seminar, we will introduce our cutting-edge technologies, including the "BIM/CIM Linked Crane Simulator," which contributes to man-hour reduction in crane planning studies and has attracted many inquiries, and "AI Automation of Backhoe," which contributes to man-hour reduction at construction sites, with examples of their introduction.
For details of the event, please click here.