2022.09.08 Upcoming Events

ACCMS seminar “New Research Styles with the Web3.” Sep 20th 4:45 p.m.

Hiro Hamada will talk about the birth and potential of distributed science at a seminar hosted by Kyoto University's ACCMS seminar. Please come and listen to the lecture.

Date: Tuesday, 2022/09/20, 16:45-18:15
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Registration deadline: Friday, September 16, 12:00 p.m.


Speaker: Ryosuke Shibafuji (CEO, Academist Corporation CEO)
Title: Academic crowdfunding in the Web3 era
Brief Abstract of Lecture: Ten years have passed since the birth of "academic crowdfunding," in which researchers solicit supporters by publicizing their research activities on the Internet. Crowdfunding itself has penetrated society, but what is the status of academic crowdfunding? In this lecture, after summarizing the current status and issues of academic crowdfunding, we will reconsider academic crowdfunding from the viewpoint of web3, which has been attracting attention recently.

Speaker: Taiyo Hamada (Researcher, Araya, Inc.)
Title: The birth and potential of distributed science
Abstract:Through the Internet, not only researchers but also citizens can participate in science, the process and results of science are made transparent, and the foundation of open science is progressing. However, it has become clear that there is a lack of incentive to participate in open science, and not only citizens but also researchers are not participating in open science. The development of blockchain technology has made it possible to design incentives such as non-substitutional tokens (NFTs), and a movement called decentralized science is emerging to redesign science incentives. In distributed science, organizations can use tokens to operate independently of specific research institutions, jointly hold patents (IP) tied to NFTs, and license out data obtained through research. This presentation will discuss the background and potential of distributed science.

Host: Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University

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