Overview of Human Flow Analysis (Flow Line Analysis) Solution

ArayaThe system provides solutions that detect moving people, acquire location information and visualise it, utilising the image recognition AI of the
By analysing the flow and lines of movement of people, the system can be used to improve the efficiency of shop operations, marketing, and work efficiency in factories and warehouses.

Features of the Human Flow Analysis (Flow Line Analysis) Solution

The following features are available.
● Analysis can be carried out by combining the flow line of a person with attributes such as age and gender.
Can be adapted as an application or service according to customer needs.
Edge AI technology is applied, making it possible to add-on to existing camera systems.

Basic Functions of the Human Flow Analysis (Flow Line Analysis) Solution

It has the following basic functions.

Entry/exit count (traffic count)
You can set a line on the camera image or on the map, and count the number of people who cross the line.
If you specify the entrance of a room, you can count the number of people entering and exiting the store, and if you specify a corridor, you can count the number of people passing through.

Congestion/Usage Status Monitoring
By specifying a compartment on the camera image or on the map, the number of people in the compartment can be counted.
It is possible to grasp the usage status and congestion status.

Attribute Analysis
Determine attributes such as age and gender from the overall image of the person in the image.
Age: 5 categories: ~16 years old, 17-30 years old, 31-45 years old, 46-60 years old, 61 years old and up
Gender: Male / Female

Action detection
Detects actions such as walking, sitting, standing, and falling.
It can be used to monitor work conditions in the field and to monitor customer behavior in commercial facilities.

In addition to the above, additional development is possible by combining with ARAYA's image recognition AI.
We also provide data analysis for marketing and business efficiency based on the results obtained.

Use Cases for Human Flow Analysis (Flow Line Analysis) Solutions

It can be used for the following cases.

Commercial facilities, stores, offices, stations, event venues, schools, urban development, etc.

Marketing (understanding customer and employee flow lines, analyzing customer behavior)

Grasping congestion (traffic control, prevention of three densities) and space usage (in offices, etc.)

Security (suspicious person tracking, security guards assigned)

Construction sites, manufacturing sites, warehouses, etc.

Attendance management (understanding the number of workers)

Process management (understanding of worker flow lines)

Work records (including posture)

Demo Video of Human Flow Analysis (Flow Line Analysis) Solution

This is how the AI tracks the movements of people moving around the office. Even if there are a lot of people or they are far away from the camera, the AI is able to track them. The current location of the person on the camera can also be matched to the floor map.


If you are considering using a human flow analysis (traffic line analysis) solution, or would like a more detailed explanation, please feel free to contact us.